Bulgaria has 4 international airports – Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas. The airports also serve charter flights, helicopters and gliders of amateur pilots, possessing special permissions, as air corridors are provided for them by the Bulgarian aviation dispatchers.

Sofia – https://www.sofia-airport.bg

Varna – https://www.varna-airport.bg

Burgas – https://www.bourgas-airport.com

Plovdiv - https://www.plovdivairport.com


Railway transport in Bulgaria is accessible and comfortable, and the railway network covers all larger populated places in Bulgaria. The railway lines cross all land borders of Bulgaria. The large European railway line Orient Express crosses the country.

Narrow-gauge lines are built in the harder to reach places in the country and in destinations with smaller number of passengers.

Tickets can be bought on the very railway stations, in the transport offices in the towns/cities, and in the tourist agencies. International tickets are issued in the offices, the agencies and on the international desks of the stations.

The Bulgarian State Railways - https://www.bdz.bg


There is water transport – tourist and freight - all along the Danube and the Black Sea. Their prices, as well as the schedule, depend on the season, the type of vessel and its category.

There are many private carriers with boats, yachts and motor boats, which travel to the local landmarks and conduct river or sea tours on request of the customers.


Varna - https://www.port-varna.bg

Burgas - https://www.port-burgas.com

Ruse: https://www.port-ruse-bg.com

Lom: https://www.portlom.bg

Vidin: https://www.cmamyc.com/port


The road network in the country consists of motor highways, first-class, second-class and third-class roads. The autobus transport is well organized. There are express autobuses between most of the large towns/cities in the country.

For further information – Central Bus Station: www.centralnaavtogara.bg

There are international bus lines to most of the European capitals and the larger European cities. Through Turkey there is a bus connection to the Middle East.

Autobus transport:

Sofia Central Bus Station: https://www.centralnaavtogara.bg

Varna Bus Station: https://www.autogaravn.com

Burgas Bus Station Бургас: https://www.burgasbus.info

Plovdiv Bus Station: https://www.avtogara-plovdiv.info

Ruse Bus Station: https://www.avtogararuse.org

For further information – the Ministry of Transport www.mtitc.government.bg and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works https://www.mrrb.government.bg