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Start Point Bansko


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Banderitsa Chalet

The hut is situated on the left bank of the Bunderitsa River, at 1810 m above the sea level.

Vihren Chalet

Hut Vihren is located on the left bank of the Banderitsa River, at 1950 m above sea. Hut Vihren is water and electricity supplied. It is heated on solid fuel stoves. Camping in the vicinity is strictly forbidden.

Demyanitsa Hut

Hut Demyanitsa is located near the place where the Strajishka, Valyavishka and Vassilashka Rivers join, in a century old coniferous forest, at 1895 m above sea level. 

Wilderness Hut Kazana

Mountain Shelter Kazana is located on the rocky verge dividing the Golyam and Malak Kazan circuses, at 2445 m above sea level. The mountain shelter is actually a wooden barrack with metal construction. It disposes of plank-beds for 4 to 5 tourists. The mountain shelter is not served by personnel, it is not furnished, it is not water and electricity supplied. There is no WC. Spending the night here is only admissible in cases of emergency.


Koncheto Shelter

Mountain shelter Koncheto is located on the main mountain ridge southeast of mountain peak Bayuvi dupki, at 2760 m above sea level.  The shelter is actually a wooden barrack, with twin walls, a door and a window. It is attached to the nearby rocks by steel ropes. The shelter disposes of 4 double and 2 single plank-beds and can provide accommodation for 10 – 12 guests. 


Route Wilderness Hut Kazana - Banderitsa Chalet


Route Vihren Chalet - Wilderness Hut Kazana


Routes Start Points Bansko

Bansko - Chalin Valog

Bansko - Belizmata Dam - Peshterite

Bansko - Banderitsa Chalet

Vihren Chalet - Five Lakes



Start Point Razlog

Yavorov Hut

Hut Yavorov is located in the valley of the Razlojki Suhodol River, at 1740 m above sea level. The new hut is a massive two-storey building with the capacity to accommodate 70 tourists in rooms of 2, 3, 6 and more beds and one apartment. 

razlog - yavorov


Start Point Dobrinishte

Chalet Gotse Delchev

Hut Gotse Delchev is located in North Pirin, Logovete area at 1468 m above sea level. Complex of one solid two-storey building with mansard and 36 places capacity and bungalows with 70 places. The hut is water-supplied, wired, heated by firewood stoves, bathroom, tourist canteen available.

Route Hut Bezbog - Tevno Lake Shelter

Route Chalet Gotse Delchev - Hut Bezbog

Route Dobrinishte - Chalet Gotse Delchev


Hut Bezbog

Hut Bezbog is located by the northern end of the Bezbojkoto ezero lake, at 2236 m above sea level. The hut is a massive five-storey building with a capacity to accommodate 160 tourists. The WCs and bathrooms are one per each floor.

Tevno Lake Shelter

The Tevno Ezero mountain shelter is located near the eastern side of the Tevno ezero lake, at 2512 m above sea level. The shelter is a massive two-storey building with the capacity to accommodate 30 guests.


Start Point Gotse Delchev

Hut Popovi livadi

Hut Popovi livadi is located in Middle Pirin at 1410 m above sea level. Solid two-storey building with 70 places capacity. Water-supplied, wired, heated by firewood stoves, tourist kitchen and canteen available.


Routes Start Points Gotse Delchev

Gotse Delchev - Delchevo

Gotse Delchev - Teshovo

Gotse Delchev - Banichan

gotse delchev-delchevo
gotse delchev-teshovo

Huts & Routes

Start Point Sandanski

Chalet Yane Sandanski

Sandanski Chalet is located in North Pirin at 1230 m above sea level. Total places available 78. Water-supplied, wired, heated by firewood stoves and central heating as well, tourist kitchen and canteen, restaurant and small shop available.

Route Sandanski - Yane Sandanski Chalet


Hut Sinanitsa

Sinanitsa Chalet is located in North Pirin at 2200 m above sea level, close to the Sinanishkoto Lake. Solid two-storey building with 34 places capacity. Water-supplied, heated by firewood stoves, tourist canteen available.

Route Sandanski - Hut Sinanitsa


Huts & Routes

Start Point Melnik

Melnik - Rozhen - Zlatolist

Melnik - Saint George

Melnik - Waterfall Skoko

Melnik - St. Nikola

melnik-Saint George
melnik-sveti nikola

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