Holiday Travel with your Pets

Holiday Travel with your Pets


It is very possible to travel with your pets for the holidays but it will take plenty of planning. You want them to be as comfortable as possible without it affecting your ability to enjoy traveling for the holidays as well.


The holidays are a time when many people travel, and that leads to the dilemma of what to do with the family pets. Many people choose to bring them along because they don’t have anyone to care for them and they don’t want to place them in a dog kennel for the duration of their holiday trip.


Traveling with your pets for the holidays can be a pleasant experience if you are prepared for it. Otherwise it can turn into a nightmare due to the care your pets need and where you will be staying. If you are visiting family or friends of the holidays you really need to make sure they are comfortable with you bringing you pets along.


Keep in mind that most hotels won’t allow you to keep pets in your room. Make sure you look into this information before you secure the reservation. Those hotels that do offer you the right to bring your pets will you will charge you a deposit just in case your pet destroys something in the room during your stay.


Most airlines will make accommodations for your pets to travel in the plane but they have to be secured in a carrier. This can be very stressful for pets that are used to roaming around freely. They will have to fly in the cargo area of the plane unless the airline allows small cats and small dogs to be placed under your seat for the duration of the flight.


If you plan to place your pet in a carrier let them get used to it in the weeks prior to your travel plans for the holidays. This way they won’t be so overwhelmed by the concept of being in the carrier for the duration of the flight. This can be quite traumatic for your pet and you don’t want them injuring themselves during the flight.


Keep in mind that they will charge you more if your pet is aboard the plane with you instead of with the cargo. Still, this is a great way to ensure your pet is being well cared for while your travel for the holidays. If you have any connecting flights though you will definitely want to keep your pet on board with you. The risk of losing your pet this way will really put a damper on the holiday festivities.


Make sure you have plenty of food and water for them so they can stay hydrated and feeling well. If you are traveling by car you need to plan to stop often for them to exercise and use the bathroom. It is a good idea to take along their favorite toys or blankets in order to minimize their stress during travel.


Pay close attention to the weather for your holiday travel as it can be quite a change for your pet. They are likely used to their normal climate and they may have trouble coping with the extreme heat or the extreme cold.


Holidays and Your Flight

Holidays and Your Flight

The holidays are a very busy time for airports and you don’t want to spend the holiday there. Be prepared for long lines at the check in desk, security and you should be at the airport three hours before your plane takes off during travel times.


Try to keep the amount of items you bring along to a minimum. It will make checking in your baggage easier and prevent such items from being lost or damaged.


Traveling around Holidays always comes with the risk of the weather being a problem so make sure you are prepared. Some travelers have had their flights delayed for a couple of days due to storms coming in during these times. It is a good idea to arrive at the airport prepared for the worst. Make sure you have plenty of activities with you for children to stay busy with. You also want to carry snacks and drinks so you don’t have to pay the outrageous prices at the airport for these items.


Many people save money on flights by taking connections or accepting a layover or two. You may want to skip this money saving tip during the holidays just because most airports will be very busy. You don’t want to have to deal with hurrying across a busy airport terminal to find your connecting flight. If you can get a decent price on a direct flight then make sure you do so.


It is very important that you have all your travel documents and a printed copy of your travel itinerary. Most airline staff will be overwhelmed with people asking for assistance during this time of the year. You don’t want to arrive and discover that you don’t have a reservation after all and that there is not a space on the plane for you.


If you want to avoid the crowds during holiday travel, consider taking a very early morning flight or a late evening flight. You will find these are often less expensive as well. While it may interrupt your normal sleep patterns, it can help to reduce the amount of stress and anxiety while you are traveling during the holidays.


For those planning to fly with children around the holidays, make sure you keep a careful eye on them. They can quickly become separated from your family in the crowd of people moving around. Strollers are a good option for small children. Make sure all the adults in the party know which flight they are taking and the airline in case they get separated as well.


You can have a fabulous trip to visit your family and friends over the holidays if you are prepared.


Transport in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has 4 international airports – Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv and Burgas. The airports also serve charter flights, helicopters and gliders of amateur pilots, possessing special permissions, as air corridors are provided for them by the Bulgarian aviation dispatchers.

Sofia –

Varna –

Burgas –

Plovdiv -


Railway transport in Bulgaria is accessible and comfortable, and the railway network covers all larger populated places in Bulgaria. The railway lines cross all land borders of Bulgaria. The large European railway line Orient Express crosses the country.

Narrow-gauge lines are built in the harder to reach places in the country and in destinations with smaller number of passengers.

Tickets can be bought on the very railway stations, in the transport offices in the towns/cities, and in the tourist agencies. International tickets are issued in the offices, the agencies and on the international desks of the stations.

The Bulgarian State Railways -


There is water transport – tourist and freight - all along the Danube and the Black Sea. Their prices, as well as the schedule, depend on the season, the type of vessel and its category.

There are many private carriers with boats, yachts and motor boats, which travel to the local landmarks and conduct river or sea tours on request of the customers.


Varna -

Burgas -





The road network in the country consists of motor highways, first-class, second-class and third-class roads. The autobus transport is well organized. There are express autobuses between most of the large towns/cities in the country.

For further information – Central Bus Station:

There are international bus lines to most of the European capitals and the larger European cities. Through Turkey there is a bus connection to the Middle East.

Autobus transport:

Sofia Central Bus Station:

Varna Bus Station:

Burgas Bus Station Бургас:

Plovdiv Bus Station:

Ruse Bus Station:

For further information – the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works