Architectural Reserve

Melnik is the smallest town in Bulgaria. The most striking architectural monuments, such as the Kordopulova and Pashova houses, date back to this era. The Kordopulova house is the largest Revival building in Bulgaria. It was built in 1754. and it belonged to the wealthy family of Kordopulovi, who produced wine. The cellars, carved into the rock beneath and behind the house, with their constant temperature and ventilation were used in the preparation and seasoning of the famous Melnik wine.

Wine Tourism

The wine which is produced by the unique Bulgarian brand Wide Melnik Vine has a wonderful quality, scents of ripe cherry, herbs, and in the presence of an oak it develops nuances of tobacco and leather. It is one of the attractions of the town and the region, and it attracts many admirers from the whole world. You can sample it in some of the wineries and cellars in the town and around it. The combination of good wine and wonderful local food attract a lot of tourists.

Unique Melnik's Pyramids

The Melnik pyramids are situated near the town, and they are declared a natural landmark.  And they are really unique. It’s a natural formation which attracts tourists from all over the world. It is considered that such pyramides were formed because of the soil erosion. The Pyramides of Melnik are in process of their formation and their form is changing in the course of time.

Wine Tourism



Culture & Traditions

Tourists Objects


Saint George Church - Zlatolist

Saint George Church in the village of Zlatolist was built in 1857. It is remarkable with its old murals painted in 1876 by painter Teofil Minov from the village of Galachnik, Rekan. There are legends saying that whoever steps on it, gets healed from whatever illness they may suffer. In the church yard there is a 1300 year-old plane tree that is believed to help for different health problems.


Rojen Monastery

The monastery is located 5 km. from the town of Melnik. It is the biggest religious temple in the Pirin region and one of the oldest spiritual centers in Bulgaria. The monastery is experiencing a revival in the XVI century with the building of the main church and the dining room, but after then was set on fire several times. In XVII century the temple has been restored again and began to take its present form. It reaches its upsurge in the XIX century when it served as a regional cultural center.


Kordopulov's House

The house consists of: ground floor with carved into the rock wineries switched into a system of tunnels served for secret passage with an access at the top of the height; semi-floor with economic function and bow-windowed floor. The cellars are with constant temperature, ventilation and spring water. They have been the producers of the high quality Melnik wine. Unique is the host (guest) room in the southwestern part of the residential floor - with 24 windows with colored Venetian stained glass and baroque decoration of wooden cupboards, with a podium where at the dedication of the house there was a performance of specially invited Viennese actors.


Kashina's Waterfall "Skoka"

Kashina is small village, 15 km from Melnik, 30 km from Sandanski and 15 km from Rozhen Momastery. The waterfall "Skoko" 19 m is one of the biggest and most amazing show place in Pirin mountains. The waterfall attracts lovers of canyoning. The route to the waterfall is suitable for all ages and has signboards on it.

Melnik is the oldest and most popular wine destination in Bulgaria. The magic of the small town are the old houses with pubs and dug-into-the-ground wine cellars. Melnik is famous for its exceptional wine from Shiroka Melnishka. This is an old red grape variety that can only grow in south-western Bulgaria.
Melnik wine has a rich taste and aroma with a typical piquant tartness. The color is deep garnet with ruby shades. The aroma is intense, dominated by ripe cherry tones of wild berries. For mature wines aroma which has tones of tobacco and leather is very typical. The wine is suitable with beef, lamb and pork as well as separately. Serving temperature is 15-18 degrees.
Kordopulova house has its own cellar and a 150-meter underground tunnel for wine storage which is carved in the rock and can accommodate up to 300 tons of wine. The tunnel has special channels and ventilation system for proper wine storage. There you can also taste and buy the famous Melnik wine.
Manolevi (Shestatsite) family have their own history of winemaking. They are called "Shestatsite" because their grandfather Iliya had six fingers on his right hand and now Mitko Shestaka also has six fingers on his left hand. (Translator's remark: "shest" means "six" in Bulgarian language). In the cellar they offer dry and semi-dry red wine from Shiroka Melnishka and dry white wine from 6-7 varieties of white Bulgarian grapes. The wine is completely natural (no preservatives) and is produced according to traditional recipes of their family.
Villa Melnik Wine cellar is located in the village of Harsovo on a picturesque hill among vines, 7 km from the town of Melnik. It is a family cellar with 300 dc of personal vineyard of local and classical varieties. The wine cellar is constructed to receive guests who can observe the process of vine growing, wine making and tasting.
Sintika wine cellar is a modern complex with hotel part and a garden with exotic plant species and underground cellar for wine maturing. The cellar disposes of 324 decares vineyard, located on the territory of the ancient town of Herakleya Sintika (III c. BC), in close proximity to Rupite area.

Hotel Melnik is a nice and cozy hotel complex located in the heart of the town of Melnik and surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the famous sand pyramids. Architecturally designed in the style of Bulgarian Renaissance houses this three-star hotel has retained the unique atmosphere of the architectural reserve Melnik. Completely renovated in 2010 the hotel offers excellent facilities for recreation and SPA tourism as well as for business meetings and events. 


Elli Greco Hotel is situated in Melnik and features free wireless internet. It also provides a Jacuzzi, an outdoor pool and a sauna. Those staying at the hotel can enjoy the property's gardens. The in-house day spa offers a variety of facial and body treatments. Guests staying at Elli Greco Hotel can relax in their stylish rooms that offer a refrigerator, a private bathroom and heating. Those staying at Elli Greco Hotel can sit down to a unique dining experience at the on-site restaurant, conveniently located for those who want to stay close by for a meal.


Slavova Krepost Hotel is located in the heart of Melnik. With its 12 double rooms, 3 studios and 1 deluxe suite with Jacuzzi – all equipped with air-conditioner, TV, local heating and Internet access, with its restaurant, wine cellar and underground parking lot, the hotel offers its quests perfect conditions for complete relaxation. The interior architecture of the hotel, with its wooden ceilings and stone walls, is fully sustained in the Bulgarian Renaissance style.



Handicrafts Folklore Nature

Hadzhidimovo municipality is situated in Southwest Bulgaria. The town lies in the Mesta River valley, surrounded by the heights of Rila, Pirin, Slavyanka, Shilka, Bozdag, and the Western Rhodopes Mountains. Hadzhidimovo has long history. Near the city is situated a chapel "St. Dimitar". In the village of Koprivlen is situated the ancient settlement "Kozluka". In the city Hadzhidimovo is located late antique medieval castle "St. Dimitar". Although the town is located in a Mediterranean climate region, temperatures quite often fall below 0° in winter, and the summers are hot with temperatures sometimes reaching 45° Celsius.

Interesting Objects in Municipality Hadzidimovo





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Late Antiquity and Medieval Fortress "ST. Dimitar" - Teshovo

The fortress is situated on a steep hill overlooking the surrounding terrain, called St. Dimitar by the name of the chapel of the same name built on the remains of the ancient object.

To date, the ruins of the fortress facilities with towers and separate buildings are visible on the site. The fortress that has been built for defensive purposes has existed over a long period of time and has undergone several modifications and changes. The most remarkable are the remains of two fortress walls (Proteychism), dating from the time of the late antiquity (IV-VI century), preserved in places up to 2.00 meters high.


Monastery "St. Great Martyr George the Victorious" - Hadzidimovo

Monastery "St. Great Martyr George the Victorious" is a Bulgarian monastery built on a hill near the town of Hadzhidimovo on an old Christian sanctuary.

The Hadzhidimov’s monastery is the third largest in Southwestern Bulgaria. Studies of the area show that even before the fall under Ottoman rule around 1290 a Christian sanctuary dedicated to St. George the Victorious was built there. In the Ottoman conquest around the middle of the 14th century, the temple was burned several times by the invaders, and later abandoned and completely forgotten. So it was gradually forgotten and no special tribute was given.


Medieval Tower - Teshovo

The tower is located in the center of the village. According to the stories told by local residents centuries ago the tower had seven floors.

It has a square plan with a side of 7.50 m and height of 13.50 m. Built on a rocky terrain by broken, semi-stones. The bond is of white mortar. The entrance of the tower is made of well-cut stone blocks. Inside the floors were made of wooden beams. On the southern, eastern and western facade there are warriors, and in the embankment are found bricks from heating facilities. The tower is supplied with water that has been brought up to the top floor. There are pipes and sewage, wider than the other.


Guests of the hotel have access to its wide variety of outdoor activities, including hiking and fishing. Hotel Gradinata has 18 well-appointed rooms that are accompanied by a variety of essential amenities to ensure guests have a comfortable stay. Those staying at the hotel can sit down to a unique dining experience at the in-house restaurant.


Baneva House features luggage storage, swimming pool,  a currency exchange and a playground. There are a range of amenities available to those staying at Baneva House, including a terrace and room service. There are 4 rooms at Baneva House, each offering all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. For those wishing to explore the great outdoors, the guest house is close to popular fishing and scenic spots.e, including a terrace and room service. There are 4 rooms at Baneva House, each offering all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. For those wishing to explore the great outdoors, the guest house is close to popular fishing and scenic spots.



Maribel Spa Hotel offers a comfortable setting while in Hadzhidimovo. It also provides a playground. The hotel has 20 rooms that are fitted with all the essentials to ensure an enjoyable stay. On-site dining options include a restaurant, which is an ideal spot to have a meal. 




Beyond the Strongest Imagination

In the small village of Banichan, Gotse Delchev area in the Pirin mountains there has survived a unique Bulgarian national tradition: hand knitting of wool socks with ornaments. This is not ordinary hand knitting of socks from natural wool, it is a vibrant combination of colours and ornaments which have certain significance and bring information about the day-to-day life and perceptions of the Bulgarians from the past.

Uniqueness and Idiosyncrasy

There is no other village with five churches, two mineral springs, two rivers and such a beautiful women’s folk dress. This is a place which has concentrated in itself uniqueness and idiosyncrasy. This is a noble place which can be appreciated by people with self-confidence and rich emotional life, who respect themselves, the values of life and the magic of our natural and cultural heritage.




Culture & Traditions

3 Stars Hotels Near Banichan

The best luxury hotels!


Hotel complex "DELTA" has its own mineral spring water which is used for healing purposes during the Roman time. Ognyanovo mineral water is about 35 degrees, clear, colorless, slightly mineralized and low total hardness. The main pool has a size 25/10 and is suitable for use throughout the year.


Set within the scenic parkland of Ognyanovo, Twin House Ognyanovo offers comfortable accommodation and a full range of facilities, including a playground.There are 10 rooms at the guest house, each offering all the essentials to ensure a comfortable stay. 


 Hotel "Elegance Spa" is a wonderful place for your holiday where the comfort and elegant style are complemented by excellent service. "Elegance Spa" offers single, double and triple rooms, each with a private balcony offering panoramic views of the mountains and a near by rowing base.

Indications for Treatment and Prophylactic Ognyanovo

You Can Make a Lot for Yourself


Outdoor Drinking

• Cardiovascular diseases • Urological • Metabolism • Digestive systems • Endocrine


Medical Treatment

• Disorders of the locomotor system • Respiratory • Nervous • Gynecological


Occupational & Inflamation

• Bone-joint diseases • Neurological diseases • Gynecological diseases • Digestive troubles and affection of the lung • Decease of the secretory system • Children’s & Adults’ diseases


Prevention & Rehabilitation

• Improve Circulation • Treat Skin Infections • Reduce Stress • Detoxify • Boost Immune System • Relieves Pain Naturally

The hand-embroidered map of cultural and natural identity Banichan village


Embroidered Pano - Map (Size – 70x100sm)

Territory of village Banichan with area of 13.1 square kilometers, located in the valleys of the majestic Pirin and Rhodope Mountains. Small and unique land of nature, culture, traditions and rituals is this "living map" of the village Banichan. The map is the lesson in patriotism for the preservation and perpetuation fortitude to not disappearing ancestral memory and originality. The map is a culture product with social effect. The map connects us to the longest and most difficult bird migration of 12,000 kilometers, only one direction of the migratory route of the white stork, which nests here since the village exists. It recreates 23 symbols and 23 unique embroidery relics of Banichan’s woman suits. They are reproduced from approximately 900,000 stitches made up of about 5000 m natural cotton thread. The time required to develop a six month nonstop work of 3 people tailors (ages '11, '50 and '55).


Gotse Delchev

Visit Gotse Delchev

Gotse Delchev municipality offers various places for the nature lovers. On the bank of Delchevska river is situated the natural landmark Chinarbey (500-year old, 24 m high). 1.5-km to the west of the town of Gotse Delchev grow centuries-old chestnut trees Bliznatsite (the twins). The very beautiful sites of the Pirin National Park – the Kornishki cirque, the Breznishki cirque and the Kamenishki cirque occupy 1487.2 ha of the municipality area. The Orelyak Natural reserve is also situated here (758.1 ha - 751.5 ha wood and 6.6 ha meadows), famous for its virgin beech woods. The town of Gotse Delchev may be a starting point for a trip to the famous national and international tourist center Bankso (32 km).

Unique Villages

Delchevo village is architectural reserve. Situated 8 km away from Gotse Delchev, up in the Pirin mountain. The village has about 75 residents. Excellent conditions for the development of “farm tourism”.
Kovachevitsa village is situated 25 km away from Gotse Delchev in the Rhodopi mountain. This is an architectural and historical phenomenon, valued as unique architectural heritage. The village is known as the “Bulgarian Hollywood” because of the many movies, which are filmed there.
Leshten village is also declared architectural reserve. Many houses were restored and adapted to “farm tourism”. It is visited by many tourists from Bulgaria and abroad. Situated 17 km away from Gotse Delchev, on the road to Kovachevitsa village.
Dolen village is architectural reserve. The narrow stonepaved streets and the characteristic old houses, built in the Revival style are very interesting. Houses are built with the typical bay-window on the second and third floor and interior design similar to the Revival houses in other settlements in Bulgaria.





3 Stars Hotels

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Hotel Baroto offers 3-star accommodation in Gotse Delchev. It also provides a garden and a terrace. The hotel has 15 rooms that are fitted with all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. On-site dining options include a restaurant, which is a convenient place to have a meal. 


At the guest house, the rooms are fitted with a desk and a flat-screen TV. Rooms are fitted with a private bathroom with a shower and a hair dryer. All rooms have a seating area. Located within the picturesque countryside of Delchevo, Guest House Shapkova Kushta provides comfortable accommodation and a wide range of facilities.


Set within the picturesque countryside of Delchevo, Delchovski Han provides comfortable accommodation and a wide range of facilities. The hotel has 6 rooms that are equipped with all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay and a restaurant, which is a convenient place to have a meal. 


Located within the scenic parkland of Delchevo, Galabova Guest House offers comfortable accommodation and a wide range of facilities.The comfortable rooms at the hotel include a flat-screen TV, a mini bar and a private bathroom. They are also equipped with cable/satellite channels.


Razlog Resort

Visit Razlog

Nature is the greatest asset of Razlog valley. North of the town is the kingdom of the Rila National Park. Pirin rises to the south — the mountain that Slavs called "Mountain of Gods" (Perun). The Pirin National Park is included in the convention for the Preservation of World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites. In Pirin, there are more than 100 bird species and over 1100 plant species among which is the symbol of the mountain: the edelweiss. There are 42 mammal species: chamois, bears and others. There are 70 houses in the municipality, which are archeological monuments. They are mainly from the age of the Revival — the so-called "Razlog-Chepino" houses. The historic museum in Razlog presents a collection of pottery from the 19-20th century, local traditional hand-made textiles and bell-mouldings.

Rich Cultural Traditions

Razlog is a town with rich cultural traditions and customs kept through the centuries with the spirit of original Bulgarian values. Two of the most significant folklore events in Bulgaria are organized and held in Razlog. These are the New Year's Kukeri holidays and the gathering for folk art "Pirin sings". Unique is the gathering for folk art "Pirin songs", which is visited on a mass scale and takes one of the leading positions in organization and artistic organization. The gathering in the "Yavorov" hut has become tradition in the recent years. The hut is one of the most visited locations in the Pirin mountain.









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Guests are welcome to rent bikes and skiing equipment or enjoy walks, hiking or horseback riding in the surrounding nature. The Pirin Golf Country Club is 2 km awayThe on-site restaurant serves traditional Bulgarian dishes, as well as international and Russian cuisine. A billiard hall is also on site.


Redenka Palace is an elegant apartment hotel featuring 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and studio apartments. All of them are completed to the highest standards and include a fully fitted kitchenette with all necessary cupboard units and appliances. For your amusement & relaxation there are a tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts, a children’s playground and landscaped gardens.




Aspen Heights Apartments is situated in Razlog and is close to nearby attractions, including Rila. It also offers a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool.  The property provides a golf course, shops and room service. Aspen Heights Apartments has cosy apartments, designed to suit the needs of any guest. 


Aspen Resort Golf Ski & Spa is located in the picturesque area of Razlog Valley, surrounded by the three most popular Bulgarian mountains.  All studios and apartments at Aspen Golf are luxury furnished and have a kitchenette with electrical appliances, cable TV, telephone, en-suite bathroom with hairdryer.



Best Winter Resort in Bulgaria. The resort offers excellent ski and snowboard conditions and infrastructure. A lot of hotels of various standards and prices are available for booking on-line. The resort offers hundreds of bars and traditional restaurants. Bansko mountain resort is an excellent choice for your ski and snowboard holiday in Bulgaria.
The hiking around Bansko is some of the best you'll find anywhere in Europe. The Pirin National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can see more than 100 glacial lakes, 98 different peaks and an abundance of wildlife, including 300 rare species.
Bansko is the home of the annual 'Road to Nowhere' competition, which attracts mountain bike enthusiasts of all levels from around the world.
Banya and Dobrinishte are SPA and wellness resorts 6 km from Bansko in the Pirin mountain in Bulgaria.
Pirin Golf Course and Country Club offers guests a fantastic 18 hole championship course, with pine-lined fairways and stunning views of the Pirin Mountains.
If you want to get the feeling of taking part in a Grand Prix, the nearby racing circuit is a must. All equipment is provided, along with safety instructions. You can even race at night if you like – the course is floodlit.
The watersports capital of Western Bulgaria is Lake Iskra, just an hour from Bansko. Here you can enjoy the thrill of water-skiing, wakeboarding, jet-skiing and sailing on a beautiful tree-fringed lake surrounded by mountains. Instruction is available if you want to try these sports for the first time.
If you prefer a target that shoots back, there are two paintballing arenas to choose from near St George Palace – one forest, the other urban. It's a great way for families and groups to spend a morning or afternoon.
There are more than 100 glacial lakes in the Pirin Mountains and Razlog Valley – many of them well stocked with trout. It's a paradise for fishing, and both fly and course fishing are available. The more remote lakes can be reached by 4x4, for the chance to fish in utter tranquillity in a stunning mountain landscape.
Bulgaria has a perfect climate for viniculture, and many types of grape flourish here. One of the most famous wine-growing regions is Melnik, where you can take a vineyard and cellar tour with wine-tasting. You'll also get the chance to visit the old town and the famous natural sandstone Melnik Pyramids.
Criss-crossing the foothills of the Pirin and Rila mountains are an array of trails suitable for all levels of rider. The local riding school offers lessons, and guides lead anything from a gentle excursion to a multi-day expedition. It's a fantastic way to explore the beauty of the mountains.
There are more than 70 thermal springs in the Razlog Valley, and several purpose-built outdoor pools where you can enjoy the healing properties of the natural mineral waters. And, of course, there's also the Spa Centre at St George Palace if you prefer to indulge without venturing too far afield!

Discover & Enjoy

Bansko is a town in southwestern Bulgaria. It is a popular ski resort for both European and Bulgarian tourists. The archeological traces of the inhabitants of Bansko and the Razlog Valley in general date to the early periods of the Roman Empire. There are several housing structures at the outskirts of the town, which date to 100 BC.

Essential Information

Local food, drink and public transport are inexpensive compared with other European countries. Imported and genuine brand goods and international brands cost the same as anywhere in Europe. VAT (TVA) is 20%. Bansko, all seasons mountain resort, has a season that typically starts around the 15th December and runs until the 14th April (approximately). Actual lift times may vary according to the season’s snowfall and temperature.

5 Stars Hotels

The best luxury hotels!

Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena

Featuring a Turkish steam bath, ski in/out facilities and an indoor pool, Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena is located in Bansko and provides modern accommodation. Some of the features provided at this luxury 5-star hotel include outdoor tennis courts, a rooftop terrace and a Jacuzzi. ... 
Lucky Aparthotel Bansko has a gym with a swimming pool. It provides family-friendly amenities, with apartment designs and services for families of any size, as well as a kids club and a playground. It also offers convenient facilities for meetings and events. ...
Located in Bansko, Regnum Apart Hotel is an easy drive from Razlog and offers an indoor pool, a sauna and a Jacuzzi. Some of the popular features at this stylish 5-star property include free Wi-Fi, a Turkish steam bath and water slides.  ...
This unique hotel in Bansko offers a kids pool, a laundry service and a 24-hour business centre, complimentary Wi-Fi, as well as a free shuttle service and a kids club. It is ideally located for those wanting to sightsee in the area. ...
Premier Luxury Mountain Resort Bansko provides an elegant setting while in Bansko. This luxury hotel offers a number of amenities, including a shopping mall, supervised child care/activities and a kids club. There is also a barbecue area available for guests to enjoy.  ... 
Pirin Golf Hotel and Spa provides comfortable 5-star accommodation in Bansko. It has a fitness centre, as well as a coffee bar, a hair salon and a swimming pool. The hotel has 71 rooms and has been recently refurbished.  ...
Those staying at Royal Park Resort & Spa can sit down to a unique dining experience at the on-site restaurant, ideally situated for those who want to stay nearby at mealtime. There is a variety of breakfast options available each morning.  ...
There are a range of amenities on offer to guests of the hotel, such as ski lockers and a car rental desk. The in-house day spa offers a chance to get pampered and relax. Hotel Amira Bansko has 31 rooms.  ...