Balneological Resort Ognyanovo

Indications for Treatment and Prophylactic

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Outdoor Drinking

• Cardiovascular diseases • Urological • Metabolism • Digestive systems • Endocrine


Medical Treatment

• Disorders of the locomotor system • Respiratory • Nervous • Gynecological


Occupational & Inflamation

• Bone-joint diseases • Neurological diseases • Gynecological diseases • Digestive troubles and affection of the lung • Decease of the secretory system • Children’s & Adults’ diseases


Prevention & Rehabilitation

• Improve Circulation • Treat Skin Infections • Reduce Stress • Detoxify • Boost Immune System • Relieves Pain Naturally

Best Hotels


Hotel complex "DELTA" has its own mineral spring water which is used for healing purposes during the Roman time. Ognyanovo mineral water is about 35 degrees, clear, colorless, slightly mineralized and low total hardness. The main pool has a size 25/10 and is suitable for use throughout the year.


Set within the scenic parkland of Ognyanovo, Twin House Ognyanovo offers comfortable accommodation and a full range of facilities, including a playground.There are 10 rooms at the guest house, each offering all the essentials to ensure a comfortable stay. 


 Hotel "Elegance Spa" is a wonderful place for your holiday where the comfort and elegant style are complemented by excellent service. "Elegance Spa" offers single, double and triple rooms, each with a private balcony offering panoramic views of the mountains and a near by rowing base.

What Ognyanovo Offers




Eco routes

Ognyanovo is located at 550 meters above sea level at the foot of the most attractive Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains and close to Pirin National Park. The area is famous for its many thermal springs with aroma of natural acacia plants and the local air currents along the river invites. The climate is softened by the Mediterranean The famous Ognyanovski mineral baths are situated in close proximity to the village of Ognyanovo (12 km north east from the town of Gotse Delchev). The mineral springs were used even in the antique Roman age (Nikopolis ad Nestum); some balneology facilities from that time have been preserved. The climate is trans-continental, melded by the Mediterranean influence. The water has the temperature of 43є C and the flow capacity of 70 l/sec, slightly mineralized, slightly fluoride. It is suitable for the treatment and rehabilitation of the locomotive system, the peripheral nervous system, some gynaecological and urological diseases.`


Balneological Resort Banya

Indications for Medical Treatment and Prevention

Excellent for Drinking and Bath


Prevention and Treatment

gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the liver, gall bladder, kidney


Treatment Old Injuries

dislocations, bruises, rheumatism, sciatica, lumbago, disc disease, spinal inflammation, fractures


Inflammatory and Chronic Diseases

nervous system, liver, stomach, respiratory tract, gynecological, chronic non-specific dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, kidney stones and urological, poisoning with certain heavy metals


In Internal Use

reinforce the reduced secretion of gastric juice and increase its acidity, normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, improve body functions of dental and bone substance, strength of the teeth and bones, preventing the processes of decomposition of toxic substances

Best Hotels in Banya


HOT SPRINGS MEDICAL & SPA HOTEL is a place where the guests can enjoy active recreation, excellent medical and wellness services, pampering treatments, supreme local dishes entirely made of natural products, peaceful rest in the heart of Pirin, or cultural monuments, historical and spiritual sites. 


Situated in Bania, Spa Hotel Aspa Vila is an easy drive from Razlog and provides a sauna, an outdoor pool and free wireless internet access in all areas. It also features a gym, a Jacuzzi and a mineral bath. There are a variety of amenities at the hotel, including massage services, bicycle rental and a day spa.


Thermal SPA Hotel Roman Bath gives the guests comfort, warmth and relaxation, to create a friendly atmosphere. Hotel works both with groups and individuals, adults and children, or even with sports teams looking for a place to train. Hotel parking will shelter guests’ cars for free.

What Banya Offers




Eco routes

The village of Banya is situated 6 km from Bansko and 5 km from Razlog. There are more than 25 mineral springs with temperatures varying in the range of 28є C to 58є C. There is also a balneological health center. The water is clean, scentless and without a precipitate, good for drinking. The mineral springs in the site are the reason this region to be settled very early. The first inhabitants are the Thracians, which is proved by the remains of their culture around the old bath and outside the village dated back about IV century BC. In II century BC the region was conquered by Philip II, the king of the Macedonian tribes. A temple of Apollo (as a god of health) was built then in the village. During the III century BC in the region came Celts, and remained to live together with the Thracians. With the expansion of the Roman Empire during the I century BC the valley of Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes was joined to it. Traditional Rome thermals that can be seen even today, were built in the village. There are several archeological sites in the village and its surroundings because of Banya’s long history. The old Roman thermals, which are about to be renovated, and “St. George” church are announced monuments of culture. The tradition of local crafts as iconography, wood-carving, loom and embroidery is still alive. Banya is currently undergoing massive development into a spa and wellness resort with plenty of new hotels, restaurants. The village is perfect for winter and for summer tourism, too.

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