Beyond the Strongest Imagination

In the small village of Banichan, Gotse Delchev area in the Pirin mountains there has survived a unique Bulgarian national tradition: hand knitting of wool socks with ornaments. This is not ordinary hand knitting of socks from natural wool, it is a vibrant combination of colours and ornaments which have certain significance and bring information about the day-to-day life and perceptions of the Bulgarians from the past.

Uniqueness and Idiosyncrasy

There is no other village with five churches, two mineral springs, two rivers and such a beautiful women’s folk dress. This is a place which has concentrated in itself uniqueness and idiosyncrasy. This is a noble place which can be appreciated by people with self-confidence and rich emotional life, who respect themselves, the values of life and the magic of our natural and cultural heritage.




Culture & Traditions

3 Stars Hotels Near Banichan

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Hotel complex "DELTA" has its own mineral spring water which is used for healing purposes during the Roman time. Ognyanovo mineral water is about 35 degrees, clear, colorless, slightly mineralized and low total hardness. The main pool has a size 25/10 and is suitable for use throughout the year.


Set within the scenic parkland of Ognyanovo, Twin House Ognyanovo offers comfortable accommodation and a full range of facilities, including a playground.There are 10 rooms at the guest house, each offering all the essentials to ensure a comfortable stay. 


 Hotel "Elegance Spa" is a wonderful place for your holiday where the comfort and elegant style are complemented by excellent service. "Elegance Spa" offers single, double and triple rooms, each with a private balcony offering panoramic views of the mountains and a near by rowing base.

Indications for Treatment and Prophylactic Ognyanovo

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Outdoor Drinking

• Cardiovascular diseases • Urological • Metabolism • Digestive systems • Endocrine


Medical Treatment

• Disorders of the locomotor system • Respiratory • Nervous • Gynecological


Occupational & Inflamation

• Bone-joint diseases • Neurological diseases • Gynecological diseases • Digestive troubles and affection of the lung • Decease of the secretory system • Children’s & Adults’ diseases


Prevention & Rehabilitation

• Improve Circulation • Treat Skin Infections • Reduce Stress • Detoxify • Boost Immune System • Relieves Pain Naturally

The hand-embroidered map of cultural and natural identity Banichan village


Embroidered Pano - Map (Size – 70x100sm)

Territory of village Banichan with area of 13.1 square kilometers, located in the valleys of the majestic Pirin and Rhodope Mountains. Small and unique land of nature, culture, traditions and rituals is this "living map" of the village Banichan. The map is the lesson in patriotism for the preservation and perpetuation fortitude to not disappearing ancestral memory and originality. The map is a culture product with social effect. The map connects us to the longest and most difficult bird migration of 12,000 kilometers, only one direction of the migratory route of the white stork, which nests here since the village exists. It recreates 23 symbols and 23 unique embroidery relics of Banichan’s woman suits. They are reproduced from approximately 900,000 stitches made up of about 5000 m natural cotton thread. The time required to develop a six month nonstop work of 3 people tailors (ages '11, '50 and '55).

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