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The resorts offer cultural, sports, eco and spa tourism. Bulgaria is a country with thousands of years of history and a cultural heritage that embraces ancient civilizations.



Ancient settlement mounds from the Neolithic age, Thracian sanctuaries and tombs, remains of Roman cities, Byzantine and Medieval fortresses .



Mountain biking and hiking are a sports activity for keeping fit and achieving endurance. More excellent opportunities for hiking and skiing are offered in the Pirin Mountains. .

Pirin Mountains in Pictures

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Pirin National Park as extended hosts 121 endemic plants such as the Macedonian Pine and the Bosnian Pine, representing one third of Bulgaria’s flora, as well as 45 mammal species, including the brown bear, wolf and pine marten. You can learn more about the park and its diversity in the visitor center, which is located in the town of Bansko.

Pirin Mountains

Pirin offers

Unique high-mountain scenic landscape at the cross-road between the central European, Mediterranean and Ponitic biogeographical regions.

Rock and Habitats

The rock habitat is the most representative for the unique character of the mountain. Refuges of the unique rock flora and fauna are the 35 cirque valleys, the 180 glacial lakes, the pyramidal and conic summits and the picturesque rock phenomena.

The National Park Pirin

The National Park Pirin was included in the UNESCO List in 1983. It is located in the Pirin Mountain, in southwest Bulgaria, and preserves many natural attractions, glacial lakes, pine forests and a rich biodiversity.

Biodivercity & Conservation Importance

The identification of Pirin NP as a CORINE Site in 1998 confirmed its value as a key territory of a high conservation importance. Its biodiversity is represented by 1,315 species of higher plants, 2,000 species of invertebrates, 200 species of vertebrates and 159 bird species.

Pirin Provides

Bulgaria’s Pirin National Park is a unique ecosystem and one of Europe’s most important biodiversity hotspots. Pirin provides vital resources to 130,000 people in local municipalities and generates an annual economic value for the region estimated at up to €69 million.


In the future, decision-makers must refer to the principles of sustainable development of World Heritage sites to achieve an equitable balance between conservation, sustainability and development.


Bulgaria Provides

Excellent Natural Conditions and Resources

Excellent geographical, climatic and environmental conditions. The unique combination of mountains and mineral water - suitable place for health promotion throughout the year.

World Class Centers

Long-standing tradition in balneology and spa tourism. Refurbished world-class medical and rehabilitation centres and SPA hotels.

Low Price for Medical Services

Highly qualified and experienced healthcare staff. Well-developed network of private cosmetic surgery and dental clinics. Relatively low cost of medical services.

What the experts say

“Pirin is a wonderful example of a diverse mountain landscape”

Tilman Jaeger, IUCN’s World Heritage Project Management Officer.

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